Our products are present in most industrial sectors, engineered to solve different manufacturing process problems.

To reduce the energy consumption and to improve the thermal process efficiency, we select the thermal insulation based on the operating temperature in combination with the following materials:

  • refractory bricks (fire bricks)
  • ceramic fiber with variable density
  • mineral wool with variable density

The insulating material has a minimum thermal inertia which allows a rapid temperature increase. In case of discontinuous operation, it reduces considerably the energy consumption.

The heating group is selected depending on the required treatment accuracy. Based on our experience we can offer the following solutions:

  • reinforced heaters
  • ceramic plates
  • electric heaters with grooved ceramic plates for the wires
  • gas combustion with direct or indirect burners
  • IR and UV radiation

Various closure systems can be requested, depending on the particular process needs: from completely automated guillotine doors (horizontal or vertical) to manual or servo assisted manual swing doors.

We also offer variety of choices for the loading system: from manual loading (leaning or hanging) to automatic loading with mobile dolly. In the case of tunnel ovens, the transport system inside the oven can be by belt, rollers or chain (leaning or hanging load)

For each machine required, we can design personalized automation, in addition to the interface predisposition with PC monitoring, data logging and remote control.