Medical and Pharmaceutical

Applications 250°

– Drying powders for cosmetics
– Drying cosmetics
– Sterilizing medical accessories
– Sterilization and drying medical accessories
– Dry sterilization for laboratory
– Dry sterilization for industry

Standard Features

High pressure recirculation blower, along with fully enclosed & pressurized supply ducts, delivers heat with a combination airflow arrangement, ensures the best heat distribution throughout the work chamber, even with varying loads. All units are fully factory tested, adjusted & certified, before the shipment.

  • Design for clean room heat treatment processes (PROCESS)
  • Temperature uniformity up to ∆T 3 °C according to DIN 17052-1 (PROCESS)
  • Air inlet openings for reliable air exchange, controlled automatically (PROCESS)
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 (SAFETY)
  • Including floor insulation (EFFICIENCY)
  • High-quality insulation for outer temperatures of < 20 °C above room temperature (EFFICIENCY)


  • Racks, trays or customized loading devices
  • A wide range of sample loading & handling accessories
  • Completely automated temperature controls
  • High air exchange for fast drying processes controlled cooling system with frequency-controlled cooling fan
  • Safety technology according to EN 1539 for charges containing solvents